Vaporizer Tank

Types of Vape Tanks

There are two types of Vaporizers available on the market today Sub-Ohm and Sub-Vape Tanks. A sub-ohm Tank is basically a small-sized device that holds your juice in and converts it into vapor via a heat mechanism. Sub-Vape Tanks usually has only two main components a heater or a coil and a reservoir for the vaporizer.

The Sub-Ohm Tank has gained popularity over the years due to their unique ability to produce flavorful vapor that is more concentrated than other Vaporizers.

When you are purchasing a sub-ohm Tank you must make sure you get the right type of coil. In this article, we will discuss a few types of coil that a person can use when they are looking for a sub-ohm Tank.

One type of Coil that is widely used in a sub-ohm tank is the RDA Coil.

This type of coil works by creating a very small amount of vapor that the user inhales and exhales at a steady pace. The coils are usually made of ceramic. They are not as strong as some of the coils that are used in larger Vaporizers but they do create a large amount of vapor. This makes them ideal for most people that prefer to have a large amount of Vapor instead of a small amount.

Another type of Coil is the Sub-Ion Coil. This is a type of coil that works to reduce the amount of vapor produced from your original flavor. It works by reducing the amount of vapor that is produced to the individual get a much milder experience than they normally would. It works with smaller amounts of voltage and will require less wattage.

Here’s a guide of the most common different vape tanks you’ll come across, and they include:

  • Clearomisers
  • Tanks
  • Sub Ohm Tanks
  • Rebuildable Tank Atomisers
  • Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers
  • Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomisers


They are the most popular option for starter kits – they are easy to use, need no specialized expertise and offer a fairly
 good vapor. 

Before clearomisers appeared most of the starter kits were, to be honest, 
pretty horrible. They could have been extremely reliable and not always worked very well at all. 

A clearomiser is basically just a clear tank, made of glass or plastic, with the top section holding the tip of the mouthpiece or drip and the bottom 
section screwing on your battery or mod.

Many clearomisers in the CE4-style are disposable. 

They may be refilled, but the whole thing needs to be thrown away and replaced with a new one when the spindle and wick begin to deteriorate. 

They are the cheapest shopping fixtures, but the most expensive to use for long term purposes. 

The majority of certain clear types – including other CE4s – have replaceable spindles. 

Since clearomisers have the most starter kits supplied, they are by far the most common atomizer type. 

For beginners or occasional vapers, they are a decent choice, but there
 efficiency isn’t outstanding and if you like big clouds you ‘re going to have to look for something else.


Essentially, a tank is a bigger, more advanced clearomiser type. 

It uses an alternating bowhead, like a clearomiser, but has a higher liquid 
capacities – much greater, if a pre-TPD model can be found – as well as additional features such as customizable airflow controls. 

Nearly every modern tank is intended for sub ohm vaporization, making it suitable for high performance devices, but you’re not interested in making your own bobbins. 

Tanks are more costly than clearomisers, but typically they can save you
 long-term money.
The coils are a little costlier, but they seem to last longer, 
so they evaporate.

You certainly want to have a tank on it instead of the clearomiser if you have a decent mod – the overall quality of the vape is much higher.

One thing to be noted is that almost all modern air tanks can leak liquid. If the coil gets old or the O-rings are stitched or damaged, hold the juice away.

It can get upset, so be sure to carefully maintain your tanks.


Clearos and tanks both use premade coils, but there is an option if you 
really want to get the most customized dumping experience – and even more to reduce your operating costs. 

This is to make your own coils and mount them in an atomizer that can be repaired. 
They come in various styles, and we’ll look at them in a moment, but they give you all plenty of flexibility to put them in place. 

To beginners, rebuild-ables are not appropriate. 
You can damage your mod by setting the rebuild-able wrongly if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. 


Rebuildable tank atomisers, or RTAs, follow the same basic concept as a standard tank.

The difference is that you design one yourself rather than installing a pre-made bow head. 
It gives you a lot of power over the vapor if you want to tinker. 

It is also highly cost-effective,
 as it is a small sum of wire and cotton instead 
of charging a hundred pounds for the new coil end. 

RTAs are less common than a few years ago because the standard 
performance tanks have reached the same point.


These very simple atomizers are the number one option between cloud cachers and everyone, also known as RDAs or drippers, who like to produce huge vapors.

You have no tank; you just spill a little more liquid on the wick after all the few puffs.

Their great advantage is that they provide a large deck, which allows the production of very complex multi-coil constructions.


You pair the tank of an RTA with a large deck of a dripper and the standard set-up is a tank with the deck above it and the wicks are hanging up.

There are many advantages of RDTAs.

You can create the same kind of wonderful buildings which are usually used on drippers, and also the comfort of a big tank.

Many of these atomizers will comfortably stand up to even a multi-coil sub ohm build for a full day of vapors.


The best bet is typically to begin with a clearomiser, before you are used to the vaping. The following step is a standard tank which is able to handle subohm vapor; a lot more choices are available. 

The decision is, ultimately, whether to step into reconstructibles or not. 

Just recently, almost all vapers who walked past Clearos ended up using some sort of reconstruction, because it was the only way 
to perform very well. 

Thanks to the new tank generation, it isn’t so important now. 
Whether you’re into the cloud chasing, however, you ‘re likely to like a drip.