eSmoke Sensation

eSmoke Sensation is an personal vaporizer smoking device that replicates the sensation of smoking real vaporizers but creates no smoke, ashes or flame. Thanks to high-tech creativity, eSmoke Sensation offers vaporizers smokers an option.
eSmoke Sensation Product Features:
• 5 liquid cartridges that simulate tobacco
• Wall charger
• USB charger
• Rechargeable lithium battery that lasts 6-10 hours
• Smoke free
• No flame
• Can be smoked in most areas designated “Non-smoking”
Presentation/Packaging 5/5
The way that eSmoke Sensation is packaged makes it easy to carry in your briefcase, purse or coat pocket. The eSmoke Sensation looks like a real vaporizer without the offensive odor often associated with tobacco. Since there is no tobacco, there is no disintegration or flaking. The manual is easy to read and eSmoke Sensation is easy to use.
Battery Responsiveness 5/5
This artificial vaporizer responsiveness is excellent. The first drag on the vaporizer is pleasing and effective. For some people, the level of flavor is better after the second or third puff. The lithium battery can be recharged at any wall outlet and the charge lasts on average from 6 – 10 hours.
Vapor/Flavor 5/5
The vapor from eSmoke Sensation looks like smoke but evaporates in seconds and allows smokers to smoke in most places where vaporizers are banned. As for flavor, eSmoke Sensation cartridges provide the same flavor and taste as a regular or menthol vaporizer.
For those who prefer a different flavor, the eSmoke Sensation offers cartridges in coffee, apple and chocolate as well. This personal vaporizer is available in either nicotine or non-nicotine varieties.
Overall (not an average) 5/5
The eSmoke Sensation provides the true sensation of smoking any brand vaporizer. It has the appearance of a real vaporizer right down to the synthetic flame. The eSmoke Sensation looks and tastes like a real vaporizer without the smell of vaporizers that many find offensive.
The eSmoke Sensation leaves no stain on fingers, smoke residue in clothing or furniture, and no vaporizer breath. Because there is no tobacco, those with allergies are not affected by any usage of eSmoke Sensation. This personal vaporizer is available in kits with sufficient cartridges to replace up to 8 packs of vaporizers. One cartridge is the equivalent of 1.5 packs of vaporizers. With a choice of flavors including regular, menthol, chocolate, coffee and apple, eSmoke Sensation is perfect solution for the smoker who wants to quit or the smoker who wants to smoke in public.

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