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Personal Vaporizer Is Your Ultimate Destination For Vapor Cigarette Reviews And In Depth Info From Pros And Users Alike

A personal vaporizer is just a fancy name for an electronic cigarette. The term can mean anything from the mini style cigarette-like e-Cigarettes to the huge personal vaporizers that use gigantic batteries and get great vapor quality. This web site is the ultimate resource for everything personal vaporizer. We will review the best personal vaporizers and provide you with guides and resources for all things PV. User comments are a big part of this site – so chime in and get involved in the world of vaporizing.

To start off, we’ll provide you with a quick guide to all the important things involving personal vaporizers. The most important thing will be to look at the different types of electronic cigarettes that exist out there, from the classic kr808d models to the 510 models with their cool tank set ups. We’ll look at batteries – how you measure their quality and what types of batteries out there. We’ll look at e-Liquids and how you can incorporate the great flavors and options out there into your personal vaporizer. And last but not least, we’ll look at the different price ranges and what you can expect from each price range. Enjoy this guide and enjoy this web site – there’s a lot of knowledge here and we hope you can benefit from it.

Different Types of Personal Vaporizers

The most important thing to know when you’re first starting out with electronic cigarettes and looking to purchase your own personal vaporizer is the types that exist out there. If you’ve done any research, you’ve surely seen all of the options – and you may have been a bit overwhelmed by it all. Fear not, we are here to explain the different types and the pros and cons of each.


KR808D models

The kr808d models are probably the type that you’ve seen the most across the web. These are the classic “miniature” electronic cigarettes. They’re the perfect option for beginning smokers or those who want to emulate the tobacco cigarette experience. They come in all types of different colors and sizes and allow you to really personalize your personal vaporizer. The sizes range from the really miniature, 2 5/8 inches, to the longer (and longer lasting) 3 ¼ inch batteries. Some people prefer the smaller battery because it fits better into their pocket or purse, but if you’re looking for a battery that will last you a little longer, than the bigger battery is obviously better.

The kr808d models are 2-piece electronic cigarettes – this means that they come with a battery and disposable cartomizers that you screw into the battery’s end. The cartomizers come pre-filled or blank, and you can either buy more pre-filled ones or refill yours with e-Liquids. However, you can’t refill each cartomizer forever, they usually end up burning out or stop producing vaporizer, so even if you go with the blank cartos you’re going to have to end up buying more. The kr808d model personal vaporizer is definitely a great choice for any beginner and it’s tobacco cigarette-like appearance is the perfect size for e-Smoking on the go.

510 Models

The 510 model originated with an e-Cigarette called the Joye 510 eGo. The eGo had a much larger battery than the kr808d batteries of the past – we’ll look at different battery sizes later on. Instead of cartomizers, the 510 models have a tank set-up (though you can still use cartomizers if you want to) and the tank is filled with e-Liquid directly. There is no poly-fill, the stuff in the cartomizers that acts as a wick and holds your e-Liquid. This means that you are vaporizing straight e-Liquid instead of fibrous poly-fill along with it – and many people do prefer this but both ways work just fine.

The 510 tank model means that you have 3 pieces instead of 2. The atomizer and cartridge (tank) are separate entities, instead of the combined cartomizer (combinatino of cartridge and atomizer) set-up. Some issues with the 510 model are that it can be difficult to keep functioning without heavy maintenance. A lot of e-Smokers end up cleaning out the atomizers of their personal vaporizers at the end of each day. This used to be a nasty process but since electronic cigarettes and the 510 model has become popular, people have really streamlined and perfected the process.


Batteries – Longevity and Power

When it comes to batteries, there are really only two factors that are going to come into play. The first is longevity – both per charge and lifetime longevity. Some batteries will die out early in their life, and this is always a pain in the ass, but choosing the right battery can really get rid of this issue.

The other factor in terms of battery quality is how long it can hold a charge. A big problem for a long time was when batteries on personal vaporizers would die out when you were in the middle of a fun night out – and it would just ruin your time! But recently they have come up with some great options, both for the kr808D model and for the 510 models. In particular, the 510 model electronic cigarettes really last a long time. The measure of how long a battery can hold a charge is measured in mAH. A 510 model personal vaporizer can have an mAH of anywhere from anywhere in the  600 to 1,000 range, while kr808d models are all pretty much 280mAH. The 280mAH will probably not last you a whole day, but you can either carry around a spare or use a personal charging case (PCC). The PCC is a fantastic option for smokers who use a miniature personal vaporizer.


Price Ranges

There is a huge range of prices for different personal vaporizers. A starter kit for the kr808d model personal vaporizer can run anywhere from $30 to $150. A good kit for this model will include 1 or more batteries, at least a 5-pack of cartomizers and a USB as well as a wall charger. These are the bare essentials and you can get these in a $30 kit. The more expensive kits will include a personal charging case, more batteries, cool accessories and definitely more cartomizers and maybe even some e-Liquid.

The 510 models run in about the same price range but actually they can be much cheaper because of the work involved in keeping them clean.


A Quick Summary for Your Personal Vaporizer Shopping – Now Dive Into The Reviews

In the end, if you are interested in quitting smoking and making the switch, you should definitely make the small investment in a personal vaporizer and enjoy the fantastic lifestyle change that e-Cigarettes afford. The cartomizers are cheap and you’ll save so much money beyond the original investment. Use this website before you purchase your personal vaporizer – read the reviews and check our buying guides for beginning e-Smokers. Personal Vaporizers are worth the money and time and really change your life for the better.